Stanchion policy

WHCCA Mailbox Stanchion1 Policy and Procedure



Because WHCCA members desire a consistent style of mailbox stanchions in the neighborhood and that they be maintained in good repair; the association will assist neighbors with the costs of maintaining mailbox stanchions to the extent that the reimbursement fits within the WHCCA annual budget for that year.


At the board's discretion, WHCCA will reimburse dues paying WHCCA members (mailbox owners) up to $250 per calendar year towards the costs of repairing or replacing a mailbox stanchion in need of repair or replacement.  The board will consider all requests on a "first come, first served" basis.  The board may decline reimbursement if the budgetary needs of the association do not support additional reimbursements at the time the request is made.


A member seeking reimbursement for mailbox stanchion maintenance should contact a current board member and provide the following information:
*location of the stanchion
*description of the repairs or maintenance needed
*an estimate of the repair or maintenance costs
The board will consider the request at the next scheduled meeting and vote to approve/deny the request.  The board will communicate the decision to the mailbox owner. 
If approved, the mailbox owner will complete or have the stanchion maintenance work completed.  Upon completion, the mailbox owner will submit original receipts for expenses incurred to the current WHCCA treasurer who will issue a reimbursement check (up to $250 or the amount approved by the board if reimbursement was limited).
Approved by the WHCCA Board on January 27, 2015