Emergency Kits

Each WHCCA Block Captain stores and maintains a WHCCA Emergency Kit for their block in case of a major disaster.  This is one of the ways we use the voluntary homeowner dues. We are currently replacing expired items in the kits.
Some of the kit locations are not known due to many Block Captains moving over the past 20 years. Does anyone know where the following kits are located?  If you are not a Block Captain, and have a blue Rubbermaid tub in your garage/house that has WHCCA Emergency Kit on top, along with a new folded tarp, please contact Larry Brickman at 7brickman at earthlink.net.
Block A
Block B
Block G
Block K
Thank you!
Larry Brickman
Block Captain Coordinatoremergency kit


Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - 19:00 to 20:00
Email whccaboard@gmail.com if you have not received the zoom.invite from your block captain,