June 16, 2021




Jason called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm. In attendance via Zoom: 

Larry Brickman, Jason Cook, Karen Fusaro, Jing Lu, Thomas Uphill, Michele Vossler. 

The day prior, Jing Lu was nominated to position of Board Member by Larry Brickman and seconded by Michele Vossler. For expediency, a written vote was taken by a quorum of 4 Board members, who voted her in unanimously. We now have 9 Board members, and Jing was able to join this meeting on short notice. We greatly appreciate new voices and representation on the Board! 

  1. Treasurer’s Report: In absentia, Dennis Fleck submitted monthly financial reports for January to May. The current bank balance is $15,066. The signature card is now up to date with 3 signatories: Dennis, Jason and Michele. Dennis has acquired the books from the previous treasurer and the mailbox key.  
  2. Approving a $1000 Increase in Funding for the Emergency Kits for Each Block: Motion by Larry, second by Karen. Discussion: The original budget for the Emergency Kits was $2500 primarily to replace 6 lost tubs (see minutes from October 2020). In the months that followed it was discovered that the other Emergency Kits were also missing numerous items. Michele re-researched the costs of each item and Amazon had the lowest cost for each item, compared to Costco, Walmart and Target. It was noted that the quantity of missing items was unknown until the kit building sessions were held (scheduled for July 7-9th in Michele’s garage). Extra items may be returned for free for full credit. It is not expected that the full increase will be spent. Motion carried unanimously. 
  3. Fourth of July Event: The Board decided to proceed with a food drive and bike parade on Sunday July 4th.  Where: Food collection and parade start/finish will likely be at the Collingwood Mini-Park as it was in previous years, unless we can find a flat-ish route in Whispering Heights. We think there may be more children in Collingwood, but Lattawood would afford more space for the event and food drive. When: 10 am to noon. Details: Jason will source either a BPD firetruck or police car. Jing will find a food bank that will accept a large quantity of food. Karen will check with Heather M for notes on previous years so we have a reasonable budget for this event. Food and beverages will be individually packaged; assorted snack size bags of chips and cookies from Costco, red/white/blue popsicles or Otter pops, water bottles and juice boxes. Perhaps we could offer small flags as well. Michele will work on hand lettering 4 posters for the A-frame signs at the neighborhood entrances. Jason has the A-frame signs. Michele will talk to Pete E to see if his pick up is available for transporting the food. Jing is starting a Google sheet of this event details for future reference, and we can add other event notes to this document. 
  4. Next Issue of Whispers: Michele acknowledged that the mid-May date for submissions to the Whispers was ill-timed for a situation that arose with her elderly parents, and so we missed a June newsletter. Discussion followed on the pros and cons of electronic delivery. We will continue to ask neighbors to opt in for future electronic communications but will maintain paper copies for the time being. It is generally agreed upon that we should move toward offering the newsletter electronically or at least making it well known that copies are kept on the web site for downloads. We will continue to brainstorm possible solutions for having both forms of communication given that Block Captains may find it difficult to recall who wants a paper copy and who does not. One idea pinned for later discussion is putting paper copies in a centralized locations such as affixing an outdoor literature box (the kind with a lid) to mailbox stanchions. 

Newletter Topics: 

  1. President’s column 
  2. Treasurer’s remarks 
  3. Write up and photos of 4th of July parade and food drive results 
  4. Encourage blocks to have summer block parties; stipends available 
  5. Back to School Ice Cream Social End of August 
  6. Neighborhood Clean Up Weekend End of September 
  7. Need 3 more Board Members! 


  1. Articles to Janet Fleck by July 15th 
  2. Printing complete by August 1st (Michele or Jason) and hand off to Carol Stuckey 
  3. Block Captains deliver August 7-8 

Pinned for next meeting:  

Details of Ice Cream Social, Details of Neighborhood Clean Up weekend, accepting Venmo for dues in 2022, website migration from Word Press to Hostway or similar, whether we should change banks. 

Next Board Meeting: 

Polling absent members; will be held via Zoom either Monday July 19th, or Thursday July 22nd . 

The time will be from 7 to 8 pm. We will move toward meeting in person with adult beverages and nibbles as we have done pre-pandemic. 

Meeting adjourned by Jason at 7:07 pm. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 - 19:00