Reminder: Living with Wildlife — Coyotes

In October 2018,  the Cougar Mountain Neighborhood attended a presentation by Matt Stevens, US Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services, held at Cougar Ridge Elementary. 
Since coyote parents teach their adolescent coyotes to hunt in autumn, this is a reminder about our wild life predator residents.  

  • Do not feed the coyotes. 
  • Collect all fallen fruit in your yard (apples, and pears, and plums). 
  • Do not leave dog or cat food outside on your porch. 
  • Do not permit your cat to roam about (Coyotes are able to climb over six foot fences!) 
  • If you encounter or spot a very aggressive coyote that has become unafraid of people, report this to your community leaders. 

The Rangers at Lewis Creek Visitor Center, have informative brochures Living with Wildlife in Bellevue, COYOTES that provides additional information.