Services Provided by WHCCA Residents

Services Provided by WHCCA Residents

From time to time, many of us need some assistance e.g. handyman, electrician, plumber, yard work, baby sitting, someone to help a busy mom etc.  It would be good if we could work with someone within our WHCCA association – or at least know if there is a WHCCA resident who can help us.

This could also be for high school students wanting to show community service on a college application, or a Boy/Girl Scout who is working on a merit badge, or a student wanting to earn some extra money. 

The WHCCA does not endorse any individual/business.  This listing is a courtesy to help residents find someone who needs a little help which could be the need to repair mailbox stanchions, install secure mailboxes or fix any other problem.   Residents can directly contact the individual on the list.  Service provided can be on a volunteer basis or for pay.   Any such arrangements are between the two parties involved.

1.  To be listed providing services for a fee, you must have paid the current year’s dues.

2.  To be listed providing services for free, even though we encourage everyone to pay their dues, it is not a requirement. 

3.  A teenager can be listed and charge for their services or provide them for free with no due’s requirements.

Send the following information to    We will list it on the WHCCA website.

1.    Category/Type of service

2.    Level of expertise (if any)

3.    Person’s name (and business name if they have one)

4.    Phone number

5.    Email address.  

6.    WHCCA Block

Services Currently Available by WHCCA Residents

June 2023

  1. Babysitting, Pet sitting, House sitting.

Highschool student with years of experience caring for pets and children in the area.

Has referrals upon request. 

Katelyn Cox

Phone number - 425-518- 9832

Email address.  -



  1. Can provide some handyman services for appliance repairs, plumbing, etc.

Level of expertise - Taken care my rentals for a few years

Robert Liu

Phone number - 206-376-8023 (prefer text)

Email address -



  1. Vehicle Mechanical and Carpentry service

Level of skill:   Built a shed from scratch and fixed two totaled vehicles.

Zijie He - living in block O.

Phone number is 425-614-9810 (prefer sms since I am working full-time)

Email address is

WHCCA block “O